Yasser Hammoud, M.D. – President/CEO, Medical Director

Y. T. Hammoud, M.D. has served as CEO and Medical Director of UOP since its inception in 2002. Dr. Hammoud’s unique clinical experience, skill, and understanding of medicine is highly exceptional. Dr. Hammoud is a Diplomat of the American Board of Family Practice. He founded the Ford Tel Medical Center and has over twenty years of practice experience. Dr. Hammoud has served as Director of Care Management of a large hospital system. He also served on operating and advisory committees of the largest provider groups and payors in Michigan. He is recognized by senior management in the health care industry as a distinguished and significant leader. Under Dr. Hammoud’s leadership, UOP has grown to be one of the largest physician organizations in Southeast Michigan and has developed a reputation for focusing on quality and efficiency. His approach to health care does not waver.”I believe in a patient-first approach to medicine. We will always place the patient first in everything we do.”  -Y.T. Hammoud

Syed Taj, M.D. – Chairman of UOP 

Dr. Taj has served as the Chairman of UOP/SEMAC since 2011. His understanding of medicine and politics is exclusively outstanding. In 2012, Dr. Taj won the Democratic Primary for Michigan’s 11th District and also ran for Congress. Dr.Taj also served as the Chief of Medicine at Oakwood Hospital. Dr. Taj has over 30 years of experience in private practices and specializes in Internal Medicine. In 2008, he won a seat on Canton’s Board of Trustees with 20,000 votes. He has served the board faithfully, bringing a thoughtful and reasonable approach to his service, and has successfully worked with his colleagues on the Board to lower property taxes and water bills. Professionally, Dr. Taj worked his way up through the Oakwood Healthcare System from an Internal Medicine resident to the Chief and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at Oakwood Hospital. He has been described by colleagues as an extraordinarily fair man with enormously high integrity. Dr. Taj also served on the Board of Directors of the Canton Community Foundation and the Wayne County Senior Alliance.

Please call the UOP Main Phone Number at 313-240-9867 and utilize each extension as directed below:

Demetrio Timban – COO of UOP LLC, Executive Director UOP ACO LLC

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Roger Canzano – General Counsel
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Susan Hammoud, RN, BSN – Clinical Outcomes & Improvement/ Office Manager
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Nada Almadhagi – UOP ACO Coordinator/ Asst. Office Manager 
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Manar Saidi – Data Analyst & Quality Improvement Coordinator 
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Taysir Hammoud – Director of Public Relations
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Barbara Dennis- Clinical Outcomes & Improvement 
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Julie Nagy – Credentialing Coordinator / Provider Services
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Batoul Hammoud – Quality Improvement Coordinator
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