The UOP Commitment

Being enrolled with UOP allows patients, physicians, and purchasers alike to enjoy tremendous benefits. UOP is committed to assisting its physician providers meet the dual challenge of improving the delivery of quality medicine and to control health care costs.   UOP provides a wide-range of provider services which include: individualized quality and utilization review and coaching; staff to assist providers with health plan issues and inquiries; staff to assist providers with improving quality and utilization performance; regular communications to providers; network-wide reminder mailings and phones calls to chronic disease patients and those requiring health screenings; access to a low-cost web portal allowing providers to engage in peer-to-peer communications; access to a low cost Electronic Medical Record (EMR) program to achieve meaningful use; contract negotiations and fee schedule adjustments with regard to risk-based products; contract facilitation regarding non-risk based products.

In addition to working directly with providers, UOP’s efforts on behalf of its health plan partners results in better contracting opportunities to benefit providers.  Efforts in connection with health plans include: medical management services; network performance tracking and review; quality and utilization improvement programs; physician liaisons to meet with providers needing assistance to meet contract goals and quality incentive targets;  provider credentialing; maintenance of an up-to-date provider database; assistance with plan participation inquiries directed to providers.

Contracted providers participating in UOP have come to know and expect the highest level of services from UOP. If you would like to learn more about UOP, contact us at (313) 240-9867, and request to speak to a provider representative.

Mission Statement: To deliver UOP’s “Triple Aim” Philosophy:

  • Increase Quality
  • Lower Utilization Costs
  • Improve Patient Experience and Satisfaction